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sponsors and support
  Skern Lodge is a phenomenal place to work but I believe its even greater to visit offering a range of courses to suit every need in beautiful North Devon it really offers something for everyone. please visit the site and see what Skern can offer you, your Family, your business and your friends
   I feel very privelaged to have these guys on board supporting me, not only one of the best stocked surf shops in the region but their sponsored riders hold more titles than any other shop team in the country they support fun and welcome new comers to the ocean but through their love they encourage excellence
Aquapac offer a phenomenal range of drybags and accessories for everything from SLR cases to ipod packs and super durable large sacs
 makers of bespoke Greenland kayak paddles. Not only excellent craftsmanship but super functional kit thats a joy to use.
  This is a new exciting brand based in the southwest set up by people with similar ideals to myself. Click the link buy yourself a tee shirt and look great wearing it!
Jersey pocket was born of a desire for stable energy release whilst cycling, these incredibly tasty energy/food bars contain all natural ingredients.... not just good for cycling but any endurance based activity when your power output needs consistency.
footPRINT Energy Assessments Ltd have been at the forefront of energy assessments within North Devon, North Cornwall and West Somerset since legislation first required EPC’s for domestic and commercial properties . Set up by Stuart Moles and Adam Hall (footPRINT’s only employees) as a locally based business which has grown as new legislation has come into force, we now offer a wide range of environmental building consultancy services.

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  1. Hello Simon

    Apologies for contacting you via the Blog but I couldn't find your email address amongst all my stuff. I'm sorry to hear that you've called a halt to your trip, hopefully a temporary one. I'm catching up with a few things on the Performance Sea Kayak website and I'd like to update the entry for your trip and wonder if you'd like to just let me know of any plans/thoughts on how things went or are going to go?

    My email:


    John Willacy


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